Center for Molecular Biology of Inflammation - ZMBE


Inst. of Infectiology

Inst. of Med. Biochemistry

Inst. of Molecular Virology

Inst. of Cell Biology

Inst. of Exp. Pathology




Emmy Noether Research Groups

AG Virus Endocytosis
(Inst. f. Med. Biochemie
Inst. f. Virologie)




GRK1409 - Molecular Interactions of Pathogens with Biotic and Abiotic Surfaces


The Institutes


The Center for Molecular Biology of Inflammation comprises five institutes Please click on the institute of your choice:

Institute of Infectiology (Prof. Dr. M.A. Schmidt)
Institute of Medical Biochemistry (Prof. Dr. V. Gerke)
Institute of Molecular Virology (Prof. Dr. S. Ludwig)

Institute of Cell Biology (Prof. Dr. E. Raz)

Institute of Experimental Pathology (Prof. Dr. J. Brosius)


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