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Our current research is focussed on the following aspects of cell biology:

● how do epithelial and endothelial cells establish cell-cell contacts and in particular tight junctions?
● how do epithelial and endothelial cells develop apico-basal polarity?
● what is the role of cell adhesion molecules in these processes?

In our projects, we apply primarily methods of protein biochemistry,
molecular biology and fluorescence microscopy
(including confocal and 4Pi microscopy).

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Prof. Dr. Klaus Ebnet


Institute-Associated Research Group: Cell Adhesion and Cell Polarity

   Prof. Dr. Klaus Ebnet
   Institute of Medical Biochemistry, ZMBE
   Von-Esmarch-Straße 56
   D-48149 Münster
   phone +49 251 83-52127 / Fax - 56748

   e-mail: ebnetk at





Open position for a Master Thesis in “Molecular Cell Biology”

We have an open position for a Master Thesis for students of the Master programs MSc Biosciences, MSc Biotechnology or MSc Molecular Biomedicine.

The primary focus of our work are adhesion molecules of the "Junctional Adhesion Molecule" (JAM) family. We have recently observed that JAM-A regulates the formation of the actin cytoskeleton by as yet unknown mechanisms. The aim of this project is to characterize in more detail the role of JAM-A in regulating the actin cytoskeleton. The project applies various methods including protein-protein biochemistry (immunoprecipitation, pulldown), microscopy (confocal microscopy, structured illumination microscopy), and molecular biology (molecular cloning, mutagenesis).

If you are interested, please send your informal application to

Prof. Dr. Klaus Ebnet, Institute of Medical Biochemistry, ZMBE, Von-Esmarch-Str. 56, D-48149 Münster.

Tel.: 0251-8352127; e-mail: ebnetk at

More information is also available at: