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The research projects pursued at the Institute of Infectiology focus on the molecular basis of pathogenicity and the defense strategies of the host. We strive for a better understanding of the molecular interplay between pathogenic microorganisms, their target cells, and the respective host organism. Furthermore, in pursuing this mission we expect to identify new possibilities to circumvent and even exploit the ingenuity of pathogenic microbes for improving diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases. This also includes novel options to therapeutically modulate detrimental immune reactions of the host.


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The contact address of the Institute of Infectiology is displayed below.



Institut für Infektiologie - Institute of Infectiology

Prof. Dr. M. Alexander Schmidt
Von-Esmarch-Straße 56
D-48149 Münster
phone +49 251 835-6466 / Fax -6467

e-mail: infekt at


Prof. Dr. M.A. Schmidt


Prof. Dr. M. Alexander Schmidt



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