JS Research group PD Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

last update: October 2016

Research Topics:

      RNOmics      RNomics: Exploring the World of Non-Protein Coding (npc) RNAs   

With experimental high-throughput cDNA library screening and biocomputational methods we identify and characterize novel npcRNAs from diverse model organisms. In contrast to mRNAs, which are templates for translating proteins, npcRNAs exhibit various functions in different compartments and developmental stages of the cell. Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs), one of the largest classes of npcRNAs, guide post-transcriptional modifications of other RNAs that are crucial for appropriate RNA folding as well as for RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions. Detailed comparisons of paralog snoRNAs revealed, in addition to trans-duplication, a novel, cis-duplication distribution strategy with insertions near to the original loci. Some snoRNAs coevolved with their modification target sites, demonstrating the close interaction of complementary regions. Some target sites modified by snoRNAs are changed, added or lost, documenting a high degree of evolutionary plasticity of npcRNAs. The evolutionary history of npcRNAs in mammalian species is one of our main subjects to explore the world of RNomics.

Mammals Phylogenomics: Retroposed Elements as Archives for Evolutionary History

Reconstruction of the placental mammalian (eutherian) evolutionary tree has undergone diverse revisions and numerous aspects remain hotly debated. Initial hierarchical divisions based on morphology contained many misgroupings due to features that evolved independently by similar selection processes. Molecular analyses corrected many of these misgroupings and the superordinal hierarchy of placental mammals was recently assembled into four clades. However, long or rapid evolutionary periods as well as directional mutation pressure can produce molecular homoplasies, similar characteristics lacking common ancestors.
Retroposed elements, by contrast, integrate randomly into genomes with negligible probabilities of the same element integrating independently into orthologous positions in different species. Thus, presence/absence analyses of these elements are a superior strategy for molecular systematics.



Functional Genomics: Retroposons - En Route to Protein-Coding Function

Exonization is defined as the creation of a new exon in response to changes in untranslated regions of a gene. Insertions of transposed elements are frequent flash points and substrates for exonizations. Exonized sequences of transposed elements are cotranscribed via alternative splicing and provide a potential source for novel genetic material.

Group Members:

Jürgen Schmitz group leader / PI MGSE 
Martin Kiefmann technician
Liliya Doronina PhD student MGSE
Dr. Gennady Churakov associated
Prof. Andrey Kuritzin associated
Dr. Andreas Matzke associated

Previous Group Members:

Anja Zemann technician
Petra Berkes technician
Mirjam Sommer technician
Claudia Marker technician
Ursula Jordan technician
Angela Noll PhD student postdoc, German Primate Center, Göttingen, Germany
Gennady Churakov PhD/postdoc postdoc, IEB - Evolutionary Cell Biology, Münster, Germany
Alexander Suh PhD/postdoc assistant professor, Department of Ecology and Genetics, University Uppsala, Sweden
Gerrit Hartig PhD student software developer, Abbott Informatics, Bochum, Germany
Andreas Matzke PhD student associated
Maria Nilsson postdoc postdoc, Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt, Germany
Manoj Kumar PhD student senior research scientist, Sai Life Sciences, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Jan Ole Kriegs PhD/postdoc museum director, LWL-Museum of Natural History, Münster, Germany
Maren Möller-Krull PhD/postdoc senior research scientist, Amedes Genetics, Hamburg, Germany

Jingjing Shi student WHK
Tabea Höhmann Master student
Angeliki Datsi student SHK
Sandra Bachg student SHK
Maximiliane Sparwel student WHK
Andrea Kemter student WHK
Daniela Ostkotte student SHK
Tim Pock student SHK
Maik Zemann student SHK
Roger Tseng US-student
Van Tran US-student
Denise Kelsey US-student
Erin Arms US-student
Mirjan Petrusma US-student

Selected Press Reports:

     Tarsius Genome 2016

              Colugo Genome 2016

              KKSC Statistics 2016
              Vervet Genome 2015

              Software: GPAC 2015

      Crocodilian Genomes 2014

       Hepatitis 2013                   
      Tarsius 2013                     
             Bernhard-Rensch Preis 2013   
      Birds 2011                         
              Evolutionsgedanken 2011       
      Marsupials 2010               
      Platypus Genome 2008                   
               Klaus Tschira-Preis 2008         
               Laonastes 2007                         
               Tupaia 2007                              
               Mammals 2006                         


Suh, A., Schmitz, J., Kriegs, J. O., Brosius, J. (2012) Molecular sexing of avian subjects. United States Patent Application 20120288856 

Suh, A., Schmitz, J., Kriegs, J. O., Brosius, J. (2011) Molecular sexing of avian subjects. European Patent Application EP2481812          


Schmitz J:      Forschungsinitiativproject, FIP n7/41 TU Berlin, 1994
Schmitz J:      Leuchtturmprojekt. Förderverein WWU, 2006
Kriegs JO:     Klaus-Tschira-Preis für verständliche Wissenschaftim Fach Biologie, 2008
Suh A:           German Ornithologists’ Society (DO-G) Council Award: Best student talk, 2011
Suh A:           Bernhard Rensch Award of the German Society of Biological Systematics (GfBS): Best biosystematic dissertation, 2013


2017-2019     SCHM1469/10-1
                      DFG: Retrogenomic software and databases to solve evolutionary questions

                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2012-2016     SCHM1469/3-2
                      DFG: The power of ancient retroposed sequences to resolve problematic mammalian evolutionary questions
                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2012-2014     University Münster/Münster Graduate School (MGSE)
                      Special support by one PhD position/Medical Dekanat FB5                
                      Host-parasite interactions/horizontal gene transfer
                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2009-2013     DFG KR3639/1-1
                      LINE-Retroposition and Phylogeny in Birds (Aves)
                      PIs: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz (Dr. Jan Ole Kriegs (KR) left the Institute)

2009-2012     DFG SCHM1469/4-1
                      Technical Assistance
                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2009-2011     University Medical Dekanat FB5 (UKM) Muenster
                      Special support by two additional TA positions
PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2008-2011     DFG SCHM1469/3-1 MAM
                      Using retroposed elements to reconstruct the mammalian phylogenetic tree
                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2011              DFG SCHM1469/5-1
                      bilateral cooperation Russia/Germany
                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2011              Research Funding Medical Faculty University Münster
                      Student assistance: Molecular evolution in birds
                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2010              DFG NI1284/1-1 (transferred to BiK-Frankfurt)
                      Genome-wide analysis of retroposons: Phylogenetic markers for reconstructing their Evolution
                      PIs: Dr. Maria Nilsson and Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2006-2008     Support Initiative University of Münster (Leuchtturmprojekt)
                      High Priority Project: Jumping genes in a living fossil
                      PI: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2008              NGFN 0313358A (special support)
                      RNomics Meets Proteomics
                      PIs: Prof. Jürgen Brosius, Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2003-2007     Conservation, Research and Education Opportunities (CREO)                    
                      Teaching project for American students from populations under represented in science
                      PIs: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz, Dr. Django Sussman

2006-2007     NGFN 0313358A
                      RNomics Meets Proteomics
                      PIs: Prof. Jürgen Brosius, Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

2005-2007     DFG SCHM1469/2-1 ROD
                      Molecular Evolution and SINE Retroposition in Rodents
                      PIs: Dr. Jürgen Schmitz, Dr. Jürgen Brosius

Software Development:

Retrogenomics UNI-muenster.de

TinT (Transposition in Transposition finder)

GPAC (Genome Presence/Absence Compiler)

KKSC  (Presence/Absence Data Significance Test)

TSDfinder (Genome Target Site Duplication finder)

Editorial Board Member:

Journal of Molecular Evolution

Selected Publications:

68. Schmitz J, Noll A, Raabe C, Churakov G, Voss R, Kiefmann M, Rozhdestvensky T, Brosius J, Baertsch R, Clawson H, Roos C, Zimin A, Minx P, Montague MJ, Wilson RK, Warren WC
Genome sequence of the basal haplorrhine primate Tarsius syrichta reveals unusual insertions
Nat Commun 7:12997 (pdf)
67. Mason VC, Li G, Minx P, Schmitz J, Churakov G, Doronina L, Melin AD, Dominy NJ, Lim NT-L, Springer MS, Wilson RK, Warren WC, Helgen KM, Murphy WJ
Genomic analysis reveals hidden biodiversity within colugos, the sister group to primates
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Genome Biol Evol 7:205-217 (pdf)
60. Noll A, Grundmann N, Churakov G, Brosius J, Makalowski W, Schmitz J
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