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HiNoon ZMBE Seminar


HiNoon ZMBE Seminar


The HiNoon ZMBE seminar comprises current developments in the work of ZMBE members and is held every second week at 12:00 pm in the lecture hall of the Dermatology.


13.01.'16 Cell Biology Jana Pfeiffer Zebrafish PGCs versus tumour cells - proteins involved in cell migration
27.01. Mol. Virology tba tba
10.02. Med. Biochemistry tba tba
24.02. Emmy Noether group Schelhaas tba tba
09.03. Infectiology tba tba
06.04. Cell Biology tba tba
20.04. Mol. Virology tba tba
04.05. Med. Biochemistry tba tba
18.05. Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging tba tba
01.06. Infectiology tba tba
15.06. Cell Biology tba tba
29.06. Mol. Virology tba tba




21.01.'15 Cell Biology Katsiaryna Tarbashevich Chemokine-dependent intracellular pH gradient sustains polarity in directionally migrating zebrafish germ cells
04.02. Mol. Virology Doerthe Masemann In vivo oncolysis of non-small-cell lung cancer tissue upon influenza A virus infection
18.02. Med. Biochemistry Rathan Nammalwar Ezrin-IQGAP1 interaction and their possible role in cytokinesis
04.03. Emmy Noether group Schelhaas Miriam Becker Host cell entry of a conformational HPV16 variant - access on the fast lane?
18.03. -    
01.04. Infectiology - -
15.04. Cell Biology Maja Matis Microtubule Mechanics in Development
29.04. Mol. Virology Carolin Klemm An in vitro model for co-infection with influenza A viruses and Staphylococcus aureus
13.05. Med. Biochemistry Magdalena Mietkowska ERM proteins in endothelial cells exocytosis
27.05. Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging Pauline Wales Rapid actin reorganization as integrator of signal transduction
10.06. Infectiology Sascha Karassek Pertussis toxin exploits specific host cell signaling pathways for promoting invasion and translocation of E. coli K1 RS218 in human brain-derived microvascular endothelial cells
24.06. Cell Biology Timo Betz How biophysics can help you to answer questions in cell biology
19.08. Mol. Virology Magdalena Holzberg Using cytostatics as drugs against Influenza A virus – Vemurafenib as an example
02.09. Med. Biochemistry Daniel Kummer Analysis of JAM-A-associated Proteins in Tumour Cells
16.09. Emmy Noether group Schelhaas Lena Kühling Regulation of endocytic vesicle formation in HPV16 endocytosis
30.09. Cell Biology Divyanshu Malhotra Understanding chemokine receptor signalling
14.10. Infectiology Marta Gomarasca Antimicrobial Drug Delivery by Cell-Penetrating Peptides (CPPs)
28.10. Mol. Virology Omer Kathum Phosphorylation of Influenza A virus NS1 protein at Threonine 49 suppresses its interferon antagonistic activity
11.11. Med. Biochemistry Nicole Hübel Protective function of AnnexinA1 against pathogen attack in mice
25.11. Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging Catharina Holtschulte Dynamics of Cell Cortex Organization in Yeast
09.12. Infectiology Doreen Baumann EPEC secreted protein B (EspB) induces necroptosis in macrophages