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HiNoon ZMBE Seminar


HiNoon ZMBE Seminar


The HiNoon ZMBE seminar comprises current developments in the work of ZMBE members and is held every second week at 12:00 pm in the lecture hall of the Dermatology.



22.01.'14 Cell Biology Benoît Maugis In vivo single cell migration
05.02. Mol. Virology Katja Nitzsche Regulation of the cyclooxygenase-2 after influenza A virus infection
19.02. Med. Biochemistry Florian Heßner S100A10 as regulator of the CC Chemokine Receptor 10
05.03. Emmy Noether group Schelhaas Inci Aydin A Hitchhiker's Guide Through Mitosis
19.03. Infectiology Marie-Luise Lubos Novel Bacteria-derived Cell-penetrating Ubiquitin Ligases
02.04. Cell Biology Johannes Hartwig Timing is everything: Temporal control over Primordial Germ Cell motility initiation
16.04. Mol. Virology Swantje Liedmann tba
30.04. Med. Biochemistry Tarek Chehab tba
14.05. Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging tba tba
28.05. Infectiology tba tba
11.06. Cell Biology tba tba
25.06. Mol. Virology tba tba

Med. Biochemistry

Patrick Drücker tba